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Occupational hygiene approved inspection authorities

Explanation of Government Notice R758 0f 2015

The Department of Labour changed the rules for Occupational Hygiene Approved Inspection Authorities (AIA) in 2013.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations have required certain tasks or activities to be performed by persons or organisations accredited or approved by the Department of Labour. The Department is not an accrediting authority and therefore required SANAS (the SA accreditation body) to do the accreditation according to ISO 17020. The process of accreditation is an expensive exercise and designing the Management System in accordance with ISO 17020 is time consuming and difficult.

The process began in 2013 for existing OH AIA and was to be completed by 30 September 2014. A very short period to complete a Quality Manual based on ISO 17020 and five specialist manuals for each inspection component to be performed and to be accredited by SANAS and DOL. Furthermore SANAS required the Quality Manual to be sent for appraisal prior to field inspection and that all findings be cleared before the SANAS field inspection (pre audit).After the pre inspection the actual accreditation audit would be performed again all findings to be cleared prior to the audit .Clearance of some of the findings could take 2 to 4 months. Once the SANAS accreditation is granted the AIA could then apply to Department of Labour for approval.

Notice R758 published in the Government Gazette identifies that only Occupational Hygiene Approved Inspection Authorities which have gone through the above process and have a SANAS accreditation certificate can legally undertake the occupational hygiene inspection work in the stresses and control listed in this Notice. The date of the Government Gazette (21 August 2015) is the legal date after which using non approved OH AIA or persons will be deemed to be a criminal offence and the work would be considered invalid.

The Gazette listed the Regulations and Sections. These are:





SAIOH - Occupational Hygienist

BOHS   - Chartered Member Occupational Hygienist

IOSH     - Chartered member


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