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OCCUTECH is a recognised national consultancy of occupational hygiene and environmental scientists undertaking all aspects of occupational and environmental management from auditing and assessment to the planning and management of remedial work or establishing management programmes.


For many years OCCUTECH and its members have been an accepted authority on the anticipation, identification, evaluation and control of occupational hygiene problems. With this basis, OCCUTECH has been able to develop a reputation in designing and planning management programmes to enable improvements in environmental and occupational performance to occur.


OCCUTECH is a permanent Approved Inspection Authority appointed by the Department of Labour and is also approved by the Department of Mineral and Energy Affairs for the performance of occupational hygiene functions.

Projects for both central and local government and the private sector companies have been undertaken. In a few instances, projects for individuals have also been performed.

Projects undertaken include

* All aspects of occupational hygiene (anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control)

* Risk assessment of production facilities.

* Air, noise and water monitoring, assessment and control.

* Management of Asbestos Removal.

* Designing programmes to manage the risks.

* Environmental assessments.

* Indoor air quality assessments

* Management of occupational, safety and environmental issues.

* Training and educational programmes for management and staff.

* Community noise assessments.

* Noise control.

* Management of remedial works projects.

* Recommendations for pollution abatement or avoidance and management


OCCUTECH has a comprehensive occupational and environmental library, and includes numerous computer aid programmes specifically designed for occupational hygiene and environmental issues.

In addition to its permanent staff of specialists, OCCUTECH has a portfolio of consultants who can be drawn upon when the need arises. These consultants are specialists in their field and where a multi-disciplinary approach or team is required, the team with the required knowledge and expertise can be formulated. 

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