Occupational Health Management

Worker health in South Africa has generally been excluded from legislation , although some issues on worker health have been include , e.g noise , effects of temperature , some ergonomic aspects , and available workspace.

This changed on January 1st 1994 when the Occupational Health And Safety Act 1993 (Act 85 of 1993) , placed greater emphasis on Occupational Health (Work Health).

It makes it Management's responsibility to identify any risks associated with their processes / operations , to take the necessary steps to safe guard their employees health and safety , and to inform the employees of any dangers associated with a particular task or work environment.

This new Act therefore requires Management to actively Manage Occupational Health And Safety. In order to carry out all these new responsibilities adequately , the Manager will either have to employ qualified staff , obtain advise from consultants or become an expert himself.

A requirement of the new legislation is that only Qualified persons and / or an Approved Inspection Authority be used in matters of Occupational Health.

Occutech is a Permanent Approved Inspection Authority which will provide thethe necessary expertise to meet your requirements of the Occupational Health And Safety Act and equip you to manage any problems.

Company Profile

Occutech is a recognised national consultancy of Occupational Hygiene and Enironmental scientists undertaking all aspects of Occupational and Environmental Management of remedial work or establishing Management programmes.

For many years Occutech and its members have been an accepted authority on the anticipation , identification ,evaluation and control of occupational hygiene problems. With this basis , Occutech has been able to develop a reputation in designing and planning Management programmes to enable improvements in Environmental and Occupational performance to occur.

Occutech is a permanent Approved Inspection Authority appointed by the Department of Labour.

Projects for both Central and Local Government , and the private sector companies have been undertaken. In a few instances , projects for individuals have also been performed

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